New Possibilities

At PCS we have learned that a completely respectful attitude towards young people’s thinking, interests and feelings increases their confidence, opens the door to learning, and frees them from directing negative feelings onto themselves and others. We work and play with young people from birth through their teens, taking the time to get to know them. If we watch closely enough, we get a window into their minds and hearts. We can help them explore, shed fears and limitations, and grow into their unique selves.

Parents Working Together

Adults learn all the time at PCS — about individual young people, about supporting each other, about play, about paying close enough attention to allow them to really connect with others. PCS offers parents an opportunity to work and play with people from different backgrounds and experiences, and to listen to each other’s struggles and dreams without judgment or criticism. In the process, they accumulate a body of experience and understanding that allows them to be more compassionate and resourceful in their parenting.

A Better Society

Young people at PCS become resolvers of conflict, know how to cooperate to solve problems, and are unafraid to speak up for what they think is right. Adults in our programs learn a deeper respect for young people’s intelligence and capabilities, and for the value of what can be learned by trying to make an environment truly right for young people. Committed to racial and class diversity and inclusion, PCS brings people together regardless of physical or genetic differences, cultural background, spiritual practice, or ethnic heritage.