Listen: Five simple tools to meet your everyday parenting challenges

A Talk with Patty Wipfler
Recorded on October 1, 2017


Would you like to respond to your child’s big emotions with calm patience and kind, effective strategies to help them?
Join international parenting expert and award-winning author Patty Wipfler as she discusses her newest book, Listen: 5 simple tools to meet your everyday parenting challenges.

• Discover 5 transformational tools tested by thousands of parents around the world.
• Learn how to change challenging behaviors like tantrums and defiance.
• Get real-life examples of parenting successes in dealing with struggles ranging from toddlers hitting to bedtime battles.

During her 40 years of work with parents and children, Patty Wipfler has developed a revolutionary parenting approach based on a fresh understanding of the way relationships in the family affect childrens behavior and ability to learn. She founded the non-profit Hand in Hand Parenting in 1989. Since then, more than 800,000 copies of her Listening to Children series have been sold. Patty continues to train hundreds of therapists, social workers, and parent educators worldwide.